Dec 9, 2011

Upgrade Squeeze 'stable' to Wheezy 'testing' (2)


You are probably going to encounter an error or two along the way, when you see such sorts of massages like: dependency issues or some gstreamer lib couldn't be installed, relax, don't panic it's usually just means that some packages couldn't be installed (yet) because they are dependent on other packages.

What you should do

Is resolve these error with 1 of 2 options:

  1. Type: apt-get -f upgrade  it tells your Terminal to try proceed with the upgrade - but only to install packages that aren't replacing other existing packages.

  2. Type: apt-get -f dist-upgrade  this tells your Terminal to proceed with the upgrade and install everything (including packages that replaces other ones). 
Which to use when

Always start with option # 1 and after it's done use option # 2.
After you used both options, the upgrading process should finish (if not, check your sources.list for misspellings and try switching to squeeze and back again), but it won't be complete. To complete it you will need to restart your system > login (through the new kernel) to your almost completely upgraded system > enter Terminal as root again and: apt-get update , apt-get upgrade , apt get dist-upgrade . this will complete your upgrade.

Enjoy your new system!!!

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Edit: I would be thankful if you let me know whether the upgrade was successful or not in the comments below or on the youtube channel.


  1. Ty for sharing. I've tried your method twice with a virtual machine(parallels). First time I've failed to log in, there was a bug. Second time i tried with recovery mode after part 1 & now it works like a charm. But unfortunately I don't have new Nvidia driver & nvidia settings panel at System settings. But everything works great. Even when I try install wheezy testing CD after the install, I didn't have Software Centre but now with your method I've got. Thanx for share.

  2. Hi Sunzi,
    Thank you for sharing. Installation completed and successfully.